Old sayings used to have us believe that online, we could do whatever we want without anybody knowing. That is no longer the case, especially if you don’t have a top rated vpn that’s provided by a vpn service provider.

In modern society; the government have access to most things across the net, including websites and private business firms. They wish to know what we do online, track your visit history and store data on personal preferences and habits. Federal government have become increasingly demanding, wishing to access online records from search engines like Google. Online privacy no longer exists as it used to.

You Can Make a Stand

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Nobody has to be a victim of this, there are things we can do to keep browsing history anonymous whilst protecting our online privacy. The best part is you can do it for free since there are some free vpn service softwares that offer the best vpn service review in 2016/2017.

When you surf the internet without the best vpn service, you allow websites to track your progress, chosen operating systems and what type of browser you are running. They can even check the last website you have visited and explore your history list. Some websites can even look in your cache, find out your IP address and use that to obtain much of your private, personal data. To put things bluntly, life is an open book when you surf the web!

Sites use a plethora of techniques to gain and collect your personal data, two of the most basic are studying your IP address and adding cookies to your PC. By matching your IP address with your cookies profile, they can gather information on you in a very easy but intrusive way.

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