vpn serviceMy work requires me to travel between the United States and the United Kingdom on a regular basis. One issue I had to deal with was not being able to access information on our UK servers when I was home in the United States. The reason this occurs is because my regular Internet connection shows I am connecting from the US and restricts my access to information in the UK over the Internet.

The solution to this problem was not hard to research and I discovered numerous other people dealing with the same issues. I learned the best way to overcome the problem was to use a VPN connection which simulates my connectivity and makes it appear as though I am connecting from within the UK, even though I am in the US.

The next step to resolving my problem was to read reviews of VPN services. There are several different VPN services available. Some offered free trials or free limited service, and options for paid subscription plans. Paid subscriptions give the most flexibility and freedom because they include a wider variety of connection locations and services to choose from in addition to the United Kingdom.

After reading a HideMyAss review by Bestvpnreviews.co.uk, as well as others on their site, I decided to give HideMyAss a try. I choose this VPN service over the others because they had the more locations and servers I could use. In addition, their paid service included the ability to see traffic on each server and allows me to select the one with the least traffic and not have to worry about my internet speeds. They have several different pay plans to choose from with cost savings by signing up for longer commitments. I encourage anyone facing a connectivity issue to the UK or other countries, whether for work or pleasure, to try HideMyAss VPN service today. You also can read here more information about VPN Service in France.

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