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VPN Story

vpn serviceMy company is my life. I’ve devoted many years to getting this outfit from the ground to one of the top retail stores in town. We even compete with the big names in the market and stay afloat. I manage this business like a captain steers a ship, and I’ve gotten us around quite a few icebergs in my day.

Now it’s the Twenty-first Century, and things are more complicated than when we started out. Data is flying everywhere. There’s probably more ones and zeroes in the sky these days than there are birds. Just like birds, if you use a proper trap, you can grab these ones and zeroes and find some valuable information you probably shouldn’t have, like Social Security Numbers or credit card numbers.

When you’re the underdog in the big market, you can’t let things like that happen. Compared to our competitors, we don’t have much behind us in terms of corporate support, so we need to be extra protective over our investments and meilleur vpn gratuit. We operate an online store in addition to a physical one, so we handle a lot of sensitive data on our computers like financial and residential information. In this business, we want our customers to trust us, so we do everything we can to see that our customer’s data stays safe and sound. You can even check test of hidemyass for its security.

VPN Reviews

That’s why we installed a Virtual Private Network in our system. A VPN provides encryption, a firewall, and it even sets up an anonymous IP address. In this company, our Internet activity is even invisible to our Internet service provider. Amazingly, it doesn’t just make things more secure. It makes things faster and more efficient, so our machines aren’t slacking. We need computers that can keep up with our fantastic staff!

If you need a little more security, get a VPN. It’ll look out for you. You can also check

Why Private Internet Access VPN Secures your Private Data While Surfing Online

secure surf

I just switched to a new VPN called Private Internet Access (PIA) because my old VPN didn’t support Android. Weird, huh? PIA actually offers three different security protocols for Android: PPTP, IPSEC/L2TP, and OpenVPN.

The other thing I like about PIA is that they work at the TCP/IP interface level; basically they’re securing the lower transport and internet layers on your device. Since those underlay everything, all your applications, including your browser, are secured.

Private Internet Access doesn’t track its customers either. You’ve probably heard what’s going on in the European Union. The ISPs are all required to track their customers’ online and telecomm activities. So the VPNs over there are legally obligated to track their customers too. 

privateinternet access

If you value your privacy, get a VPN subscription. PIA is really cheap if you buy a year’s subscription ($40); it comes to $3.33 per month! Isn’t that incredible? It’s the best deal I’ve seen yet and I’ve looked at a lot of VPN providers.

It gets better! Some VPNs allow you to install their software on multiple devices, but only let you use two at the same time. Private Internet Access lets you use five devices simultaneously! I’ve got four devices that are pretty much all on all day: my desktop tower PC, my laptop, my SmartPhone and a new Android tablet. With five devices allowed on one account, you could probably share it with a family member or someone else you trust.

With so many devices allowed, it makes sense that they would give you unlimited bandwidth too. They offer the same basic features that their competitors offer like firewall, encrypted WiFi, and anonymous IP addresses.

And (I’ve got to mention this because I haven’t seen it anywhere else), Private Internet Access is the only VPN that will let you pay for your service with a gift card! So if you’ve been hanging on to that Walmart gift card you got for your birthday, use it now!

If you own a iPhone, SmartPhone, iPad, or PC, you really need a VPN like Private Internet Access! But if you want to try HideMyAss follow this link for more information about this VPN service.

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