vpnFor the most part, I am enjoying my college experience. I am a freshman and like most other freshman, I was a bit timid to leave the comforts of home and move into a cramped dorm with a total stranger. Still, the freedom I have here is a great change from back home. But there are areas in which I am much less free than I was back home. Namely, the internet. The acceptable use policy of the internet on my campus is very stringent. It blocks a lot of websites that I am use to going on. I oftentimes find myself staring at a webpage that is telling me that I cannot access the site I am trying to get to. Don’t ge me wrong, I am for the the most part loving my college experience but the internet is killing me so i started searching strong vpn in 2014. I can’t check my Facebook when I am on campus and I can’t even go on some of the sites I used to use to watch TV shows and the like. Basically, if it has no academic value, I can’t access it. Worst of all, I can’t even instant message some fo my friends and family from back home. It’s like they have me in an internet prison here. In order to do all of these things, I have to walk a very long distance to a cafe that has Wi-Fi like hidemyass.com. Since doing that is very inconvenient I began to do some research. Turns out, there is in fact a way to go around my campus’ totalitarian network connection. By using a VPN, like hidemyass www.vpnmagazin.de/hidemyass-test/ I can effectively tunnel out of my campus’ restrictive network and access any site I want. It also hides the sites I am visiting so the powers that be are nonethewiser. Now, I am more free than I ever was back home. Also, over there more VPN ressources.